Power Spicing Cookbook Photography by Teri Lyn Fisher

January 22, 2019

Rachel Beller Power Spicing cookbook photography by Teri Lyn Fisher.

I am so grateful to be able to be the food photographer for Rachel Beller’s book Power Spicing. There are so many lovely images in this book its hard to choose. I really love her recipes in this book, they are all very vibrant and beautiful so it made photographing them super easy.

We used all natural light for this book which sometimes proved to be difficult. During the particular time of year we shot the light ended early and days were shot. We started a lot of days super early, but it was worth it!

Teri Lyn Fisher food photographer in Los Angeles photographs a cookbook in her studio.

We shot this all in my studio in downtown LA using mostly my prop collection. The author, Rachel Beller brought some of her own pieces to use in some images, and she also purchased some specialty items we needed. I always love seeing the art direction for a book, and have that inspire new combinations of plates and surfaces in my own studio that I could have never thought of. As a food photographer in Los Angeles, I am constantly trying to find new and beautiful props to add to my collection. Most of the props used in this book are handmade bowls by local ceramicists, and some flatware I purchase from flea markets.

Food Photographer Teri Lyn Fisher captures images for Power Spicing cookbook.
Food Photographer Teri Lyn Fisher photographs Power Spicing cookbook images.
The cover of Power Spicing cookbook shot by food photographer Teri Lyn Fisher.
Teri Lyn Fisher shoots granola for a cookbook.

I love using natural light in my food photography, especially for cookbooks. It really makes them come to life, and it feels really human. I think the natural light draws all the images into a common look – and gives everything a sense of humanity and attainability that I think is really important for cookbooks.

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