Eat Cleaner Cookbook | Food Photographer Los Angeles

January 15, 2019

Food Photographer Teri Lyn Fisher of Los Angeles shoots a vegetable forward cookbook.

Eat Like You Give A Fork by Mareya Ibrahim is out photographed Los Angeles Food Photographer Teri Lyn Fisher.

We had Wilmarose Orleans prop styling for this cookbook shoot. We shot everything in my studio in downtown Los Angeles. We had a lot of dishes to get through in a day! Therefore, it was imperative that we stayed organized throughout the whole process – mapping out which recipes were next to each other so we didn’t repeat props or surface. That can quickly make a book feel boring and redundant if you are flipping through the pages.

In addition to being a commercial food photographer in Los Angeles, I also shoot a lot for editorial purposes, as well as for cookbooks.

Los Angeles food photographer Teri Lyn Fisher photographs a new cookbook.
Vegetarian based cookbook photography by Commercial good photographer Teri Lyn Fisher.

Lucky for us, all of Mareya’s recipe were really colorful. They were all full of bright colorful vegetables and that always makes such a big difference when it comes to photographing food.

One of the more difficult shots we had to pull off was the fridge shot. It is really hard to shoot in a real refrigerator because you are basically shooting in a box which means the light can only come from one place. The light in that scenario is not that flattering. So I discussed with Wilmarose ways we could make this refrigerator shot work better. We ended up deciding to create floating shelves with a white background so I could light from multiple places. This worked out so perfectly! See the results below:

New cookbook photography that has a lifestyle edge by Food Photographer Los Angeles Teri Lyn Fisher.
Food Photographer Los Angeles Teri Lyn Fisher shoots Mareya Ibrahim's new book in her Los Angeles Studio.

As a food photographer in Los Angeles, I have my own studio in downtown LA where I shoot a lot of cookbooks. My studio has a lot of props I have collected over the years. These include plates, bowls, utensils, surfaces, flatware and linens. I have quite the collection now! These props are available for all my shoots that take place in studio.

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Mareya Ibrahim photographed by Teri Lyn Fisher.