New Work for Del Monte | Food Photographer Los Angeles

June 14, 2018

Advertising work for Del Monte's new Fruit and Oats cups by Food Photographer Los Angeles Teri Lyn Fisher.

New work for Advertising client Del Monte! As a Los Angeles food photographer I shoot a lot of different food products. I had the pleasure of shooting Del Monte’s new product Fruit & Oats. It’s a snack cup design for adults. We shot this set up in my photography studio in downtown Los Angeles. Amy Lipnis prop styled this shot and she killed it.

We had to bring in a fake kitchen to shoot this. Amy sourced a wall for the kitchen with a window so we could pump some light through it to get that nice flare you see in the image. We have to play a lot with the height of the table in comparison to the height of the counter in the background to get it just perfect. It was all dependent on how well the cup looked. We made sure to show off the product at it’s best angle! As a Los Angeles based food photographer, I think through a lot of these details in advance to ensure shoot days go as smoothly as possible. That way we can make sure we are getting all the assets our clients, and that they are beautiful!

Marian Cooper Cairns was on food styling duty. She brought tons of different options for apples, mostly sourced for her local farmers market. We had to make sure we had the perfect apple slices for the shot!

I absolutely love figuring our how to make the clients dreams come true within their budget. As a food photographer you never what is going to get thrown you way! I really love trouble shooting and trying to figure out the best solution for every problem we encounter.

For this shoot, the turnaround was really quick. The client and agency were really prescriptive about what they wanted the background props to look like. We did a lot of rounds of prop reviews via email before the shoot to narrow down choices and stay in budget. It all paid off in the end!

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